Hire me for commissions here! Make sure to read all the rules below.

This is the official page for commissions! You can send me what you want in the form below and then I’ll contact you to show sketches and send an invoice for either PayPal or Stripe.

You could also use these alternative services below:

I can do

  • Not very complex designs
  • Original characters
  • Fan arts
  • Furry characters
  • Somewhat suggestive content
  • Puns

I won’t do

  • Porn
  • Gore
  • Vore
  • Preg
  • Futa
  • Scat
  • ABDL
  • Some other 4 letter things
  • Real people
  • Complex designs
  • Hate Speech

Examples of Art Commissions

Terms and Conditions

I may decline any commission for any reason. I don’t need to give you the reason, but I’ll reimburse you of the commission payment if applicable.

I will only work on your commission after I send you the invoice and it’s paid. There’s a small window of opportunity where I can reimburse you in case you change your mind and don’t want your commission anymore, but once I start working on the artwork, the money is as good as mine.

Any commission done here is for personal use only. Contact me if you need any artwork made for commercial use.

I will make a sketch of the artwork to show you what I plan to draw before lineart and coloring. You can request big changes and even redraws in the sketch phase, but once I move to the lineart and coloring I will not accept any changes that requires me to redo significant parts of the artwork.

You can upload the artwork you paid for to your personal social network accounts, but I still need to be credited as the artist. A link back to my profile would be mostly appreciated.

In some cases, I can only draw characters with the permission of the owner of said characters. You can use your own characters and it’s easy to get permission for my characters, but for characters from a third party, you may need to ask them if it’s okay to draw their character and they need to allow it in writting somewhere where I can see or contact me directly.

There may or not be people whom I don’t deal with. I won’t work with their characters, even with the express permission from them.

Your artwork will be ready between 30 minutes and 30 days. Give or take.

I don’t do rush jobs or emergency commissions. If you 100% need something for right now, I’m probably not your guy. i’m really bad at time management (vide above).

I try to keep track of my queue on My Trello and I tend to put sketches there. Let me know if your commission is private and shouldn’t be disclosed.

Sometimes I stream on My Picarto so let me know if you want your commission done in a stream or not. I can’t make any promises but I’ll try to oblige.

Art Commission Request Form Thingy

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