How to make CBZ files and keep your digital comic book collection nice and tidy

Let’s suppose you have downl… ahem… produced a cool comic book. A digital comic book that exists in the form of several image files inside a folder. How do you distribute them to other people to read? Or how do you organize them in your computer to save some space? You ZIP or RAR them, right?

What if I told you that there is an easy way to grab all those image files, put inside one compressed file and make it an actual comic book file that you can double-click and start reading? Not only that, but it comes with support for thumbnails and doesn’t require anything more complex as the WinRAR or 7-Zip programs to make?

Meet the CBZ file format! Here’s how you make them:

Step 1: Grab all the images that makes your comic book and put inside a ZIP file.

Step 2: Rename the ZIP file extension to CBZ.

Step 3: That’s it.

Now hold on a minute. There must be something more to it. How do you read the CBZ files?

Step 1: Install Sumatra PDF or any other CBZ viewer like CDisplayEX or ComicRack. Don’t worry too much if you don’t have Windows though, as there are readers even for Android phones.

Step 2: You’re done.

You have now your comic book collection sitting nicely on compressed ZIP files, showing their covers as thumbnails and you can simply double-click them to read.

You can put all kind of image files inside the ZIP file to make a CBZ. As long as they’re in order, the first image is the cover, then the second is the page 2 and so on…

They don’t even need to be actual comic book pages, so you can make all sort of stuff with the file format. Like… umm… manga! 😛

You can use other file formats too!

  • CBR are renamed RAR files. Very popular.
  • CB7 are renamed 7-Z files. Very compressy.
  • CBT are renamed TAR files. Very preservy.

Give it a try, if you have saved comic books in your PC as a bunch of images. Or even if you make them and distribute them informally, since the format is getting quite popular.

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